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Kemstruct | Structural Engineer, Lattice tower calculations

Kemstruct | Structural Engineer, Lattice tower calculations

Find the best structural engineer & lattice tower calculations. Our professional team creates projects with the best quality and solution @

Do you need professional advise how to build steel or concrete constructions?
Do you need to strengthen walls, roof or floors only?
We are here to help you find the best solution to design new and strengthen existing structures. Our Team can prepare design and calculations to check stability of steel frames, warehouses, columns, trusses and lattice towers. KEMSTRUCT can check and design for you reinforced concrete foundations, columns, slabs, stairs and many more that you request. We have professional Team and software to create projects with the best quality and solution.

Professional Design

KEMSTRUCT is a professional Design Consultancy. We have 10 years experience in residential, telecommunication, high voltage power lines and oil industries. Our Team can provide detailed design, manufacturing and planning drawings with calculations. 
We will create a 3D visualisation to show you your future home or building. The offer include extensions and any conversion which may change your home view.

Interior Design

KEMSTRUCT provides Unique Interior Design. We have 5 years experience in designing home interiors. Our Team can provide 3 dimensional design to show, how your new kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom will look, before you will start buying furniture or appliances. Thanks of our help you can avoid additional costs if something will not fit or will not look like you expected.
We already made 3D designs of:
Modern and unique kitchens.
Stunning bathrooms.
Warm and comfortable living rooms and bedrooms.
Office interiors for our Clients

Dunfermline, UK
London, UK
All EU
Mobile No: +44 (0) 7810494248

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